Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (2024)

Do you want to know about the best VIPRow alternatives? We’ll help you. After careful testing, we’ve collected the best alternatives to VIPRow. These live sports streaming websites are much safer and better than VIP Row.

For reference, VIPRow is a sports stream aggregator that collects links to popular sports broadcasts from around the world. VIPRow has diverse content, a simple user interface, and great-quality streams. While these perks are great, most of the streams on this website are pirated.

Due to this frequent piracy, VIPRow is not available in some countries around the world. Some countries don’t block access but fine users for streaming pirated content. That’s why we recommend using better alternatives that are much safer and easier to use. But before you start using any alternative, subscribe to a reliable VPN like Surfshark. It will encrypt your data and hide your tracks to keep it away from ISPs and other authorities that might perforate the veil of your privacy.

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Quick List – Best VIPRow Alternatives

After scouring the web for the best VIPRow alternatives, here’s what we got:

  • Bosscast
  • Sportsurge
  • Rojadirecta
  • Buffstreams
  • Laola1
  • VIP League
  • Cricfree
  • Stream2Watch
  • ESPN+ (Premium)
  • Fox Sports (Premium)

Always remember to use a VPN whenever you’re accessing a VIPRow alternative.

Quick List – Best VPNs for VIPRow Alternatives

  • Surfshark: It has more servers than the number of players in the NFL. With 3200+ servers and a strong connection protocol like WireGuard, Surfshark will take your streaming journeys straight to the finish line. It offers unlimited simultaneous device connections and great speeds for a monthly price of $3.99 per month.
  • NordVPN: It has over 5000 servers and a protocol that can pierce through any blocks and restrictions. This VPN protects you like the players in an NHL D-Zone. NordVPN has shown remarkable speeds, which makes it perfect for live streaming sports with crystal clear and smooth quality. You can get NordVPN for $3.79 per month with a 2-year plan.
  • ExpressVPN: Nothing’s out of your reach when you’ve got 3000+ servers in 94 countries. The VPN has a strong suite of protocols, including a unique Light Way protocol. With enough security and speed backing this VPN, Express is here to save the day with a miracle touchdown. Get ExpressVPN today for $6.67 per month.

What is VIPRow?

VIPRow, also known as VIPBox, is a free sports stream aggregator. The website collects links to different sports streams from around the world. You can find live football, motorsports, UFC, rugby, tennis, MLB, hockey, EPL, and just about everything else.

The website’s home page displays a list of the games they broadcast. You can stream your favorite games by clicking on the tab for that specific sport and then clicking on any of the links to that specific game.

With VIPRow, you can watch games in various qualities, including HD. However, most of these broadcasts are rip-offs from other official websites. Streaming these is not legal in most countries and could get you into sticky situations with your ISP.

Not to mention, most streaming sites are being taken down like Trent Williams tackles his opponents. It’s even a surprise that VIPRow is still up today.

Is VIPRow Still Available?

Yes, VIPRow is still available, but in a slightly altered state. The original website was ripped and burned years ago, but mirrored versions have filled the void. Online websites work peculiarly, where and are considered separate entities.

The authorities can’t take down every website that pops up. This resilience has allowed VIPRow to survive for so long. But this may not be the case anymore because the authorities are doubling down on illegal streaming websites.

Even though the website is available today, it might not be tomorrow. That’s why we recommend using VIPRow alternatives.

Best VIPRow Alternatives

If there’s anything a sports fan hates, then it’s a slow stream that crawls forward like a turtle on a mountain. To help you avoid this problem, we checked and tested the best sports streaming sites and collected them in the list below.

1. Bosscast

Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (1)
Owned BySony and Chicken Soup For The Soul
Content TypeLive Sport Streams From NBA, NHL, NASCAR, F1, and other major sports broadcasters
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic200,000+
Rank In Category2101
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works perfectly with Surfshark

Bosscast is another aggregator website that shares links to various sports broadcasts. The UI and content are very similar to VIPRow. The home page lists links to popular sports streams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, Ice Hockey, and MBL, among other major sports leagues.

While the website may seem a bit bland, it gets the job done. It’s a great alternative to and multiple other live sports stream aggregators. While the website does offer great versatility, using it without care could bring you to the attention of your ISP and other authorities.

2. Sportsurge

Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (2)
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Streams and Highlights From Major Sports Leagues
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic9.5+ Million
Rank In Category115
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works with NordVPN and Surfshark

When you want to watch free live sports streams, Sportsurge takes the win. The navigation style of this website is similar to that of VIPRow. The main page is a collection of streaming links to rugby, football, boxing, tennis, and other sports.

What we like about the website is its simplicity. You don’t have to deal with an ad every time you click on the website. When it comes to streaming, the speeds are just good enough. However, you will have to try out different links because some of them just straight up refuse to work.

3. Rojadirecta
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Games, Highlights, Mutual Chat
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic1+ Million
Rank In Category557
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, use Surfshark for a smooth experience

Rojadirecta is more of a forum for sports streams than an actual free sports streaming site. The website includes a forum and a download sports events section that contains links to different events, etc. The website also allows you to watch sports streams live through links that lead to different websites.

Rojadirecta is a true aggregator because you’ll find links to almost every popular sports broadcast. But please remember, Rojadirecta might contain links to pirated streams, which could land you in a pit of fines. Always use a VPN when accessing any such website to avoid unnecessary problems.

4. Buffstreams
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Streams and Highlights
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic9.8+ Million
Rank In Category140
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works perfectly with NordVPN

Buffstreams is a great alternative to VIPRow because it offers more functionality and better links compared to VIP Box and VIPRow. With a website simpler than Forrest Gump’s plot and functionality better than Doraemon’s extra pouch, Buffstreams is one of the best streaming sites for sports.

While Buffstreams is a great alternative, it also has some risks. The biggest risk associated with this platform is the lack of security and exposure to ISPs. The site often provides access to copyrighted material, such as live sports streams, without the proper licensing. You could get into trouble for streaming these games.

While Buffstreams may offer a convenient way to access live sports content, it’s important for users to be aware of the potential legal and security risks involved. We’d recommend using a better and safer alternative that doesn’t sell your data while you’re watching football without a worry in the world.

5. Laola1
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Games and News
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic3+ Million
Rank In Category367
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works finely with Surfshark

Laola1 is another great streaming website to replace VIPRow. Watching sports online can’t get any easier when you’ve got Laola1 by your side. What we love about the website is its interface. The color schemes are great, the website has a beautiful outlook, and it’s very functional.

You can find a wide range of sports coverage, including football, basketball, hockey, F1, volleyball, UFC, WWE, and more, on Laola1. In terms of usability and functionality, we put Laola about VIPRow and VIP Box Sports. Additionally, Laola1 often features exclusive content and has a user-friendly interface, making it a great choice for those looking for a reliable streaming platform.

6. VIPLeague
Owned BySony and Chicken Soup For The Soul
Content TypeLive Games From Major Leagues and Colleges
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic6+ Million
Rank In Category153
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, use NordVPN or Surfshark for the best experience

VIP League is a Xerox copy of VIPRow. The website has links to almost every sports live stream available, including popular events like soccer, basketball, and more. If you want to watch sports for free, then VIP League offers the same functionality as VIPRow. According to the website itself, it’s a sports paradise for everyone.

You don’t need to sign up to use the website. Just visit it while connected to a VPN, click on a streaming link, and get a big bag of popcorn, nuts, or whatever else you prefer. While the website is great, you should be super careful with it because some of the streams on this website are completely pirated.

Streaming these could bring you down The website is free to use and allows users to easily find and access live streams for their favorite sports events. Overall, VIP League provides a convenient and comprehensive platform for sports fans to access live streams of various sporting events.

7. Cricfree
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Games from the NFL, NHL, MBL, NBA, etc
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic2.5+ Million
Rank In Category415
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works great with Surfshark

Cricfree is a great free sports streaming website that will reconnect you to football, hockey, cricket, and every other sports in the world for free. The website’s layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a search bar at the top of the page to help you find the specific sports stream you’re looking for.

Cricfree has a simple homepage that contains links to most sports streams. The homepage also features a schedule of upcoming sports events, so you can easily see what’s on and plan your viewing. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs. You just have to click on the relevant link to start streaming on this website.

In addition to live sports streams, Cricfree also offers sports news and updates. Overall, Cricfree is a great way to go cable free, but the website streams pirated broadcasts, so access it at your own discretion and risk. We would rather you avoid it, and choose a better alternative, like ESPN+ or FS1.

8. Stream2Watch
Owned ByUnknown
Content TypeLive Sports Broadcasts and Limited Highlights
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, and Others
Monthly Traffic1.5+ Million
Rank In Category447
How much does it cost?Free
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, works perfectly with Surfshark

Stream2Watch is just what you’d expect from a alternative. It offers a variety of sports streaming options for free, including football, basketball, hockey, and more. The site is a paradise for sports lovers because it offers everything for free, without sign-ups or registrations.

The site is easy to navigate and provides access to live events, as well as replays and highlights. Users can also find links to other popular sports streaming sites and forums for further discussion. Overall, Stream2Watch is a solid alternative for sports fans looking for free streaming options.

9. ESPN+

Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (3)

Owned ByESPN
Content TypeLive Broadcasts, Highlights, and Sports News
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic580+ Million
Rank In Category1
How much does it cost?$10.99 per month
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, you’ll need Surfshark to unblock blacked out games

ESPN, which stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is one of the most widely recognized and influential sports broadcasters in the world. Founded in 1979, ESPN has grown into a global multimedia sports entertainment brand, delivering sports news, analysis, highlights, and live event coverage to millions of viewers worldwide.

ESPN+ is one of their channels, well-known for its wide range of channels, digital platforms, and partnerships. It is one of the best platforms for watching live sports. ESPN+ covers a variety of sports, including football, basketball, ice baseball, soccer, tennis, and more.

In addition to its broadcasting capabilities, ESPN also owns and operates numerous sports events, including the X Games, and has a stake in several professional sports teams and leagues. With ESPN+, you can watch live sports events on your favorite devices without a worry in the world.

10. Fox Sports
Owned ByFox Group
Content TypeLive Sports Streams, News, and Highlights
Compatible WithAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Others
Monthly Traffic19+ Million
Rank In Category66
How much does it cost?Variable
Does it work with a VPN?Yes, it works great with Surfshark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN

Fox Sports is a great sports streaming platform and an even better alternative to VIPRow. Not only does Fox Sports offer a wide range of live sports coverage, but it also provides high-quality video streaming and a user-friendly interface. The best part is Fox Sports has multiple channels for different regions, like FS1 and FS2, to keep you connected with your favorite teams.

With limitless functionality, great content, high-quality streams, and the best speeds, Fox Sports is a top choice for sports fans looking for a VIPRow alternative. If, for some reason, you cannot find a sports stream on Fox Sports because of a regional blackout, use a VPN to get your head back in the game. It’s legal and safe; what more can we say?

How to Safely Stream VIPRow Alternatives?

Free content streaming platforms sound exciting, but if you don’t access them safely, it could spell trouble. ISPs may discern your activities and throttle your connection. In the worst case, you might be slapped with a heavy fine. Follow the steps below to stream websites like safely:

Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (4)

  • Subscribe to Surfshark.
  • Download the VPN on your preferred streaming device.
  • Login to the VPN application.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Enable Surfshark’s ad blocker from settings.
  • Visit your favorite VIPRow alternative website.
  • Start streaming a game of your choice.

Free streaming sites like VIPRow are never 100% percent safe, so please exercise caution. Always use a VPN to change your IP address and encrypt your data, to safely access the website or its alternatives.

Extra Tips For Streaming VIPRow Alternatives

Using the right methods to access VIPRow alternatives is more important than finding a live sports streaming site. Here are some tips that you should follow while streaming similar sites like

  • Always use a VPN: Streaming websites like VIPRow are often exposed to a number of different risks. Use a VPN to keep yourself safe from these threats.
  • Enable Ad Blocker: Free live sports streaming sites are filled with ads that slap you in the face like cold water in December. Use a VPN that includes an ad blocker to get rid of these incessant ads and pesky spam.
  • Connect to a relevant server: Due to geo-blocks and distribution issues, some premium streaming sites might not broadcast certain games in your area. Use a VPN to connect to a server where the game is being broadcasted to bypass geo blocks. For example, a US server for US football on FS1.
  • Use web shields: Some websites have automatic downloads, which could be malware or viruses. Use antivirus software with web shields to avoid unnecessary spam.

Conclusion: Use The Best VIPRow Alternatives

VIPRow is easily one of the best platforms for free live sports streams online. It allows users to watch a number of sports streams in HD quality. You can watch your favorite NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and other prominent games on your favorite devices.

While VIPRow offers links to a great number of live sports channels, we wouldn’t recommend using it. Streaming on VIPRow without a VPN could force your ISP to take action against you. Instead, use the best VIPRow alternatives to enjoy secure and free sports broadcasts.

To keep your data secure, use a VPN like Surfshark while streaming any alternative to VIPRow. Surfshark has the best encryption algorithms in the industry, along with the fastest connection protocols. With Surfshark you can watch live sports matches in the best streaming quality without any problems.

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What is the cheapest sports streaming app?

ESPN+ is one of the cheapest sports streaming applications and services. You can get a premium ESPN+ subscription for $11 per month. With your ESPN+, you can watch almost any sports stream, including football, hockey, cricket, UFC, WWE, and more. It’s easily one of the best online sports streaming websites.

What are some alternatives to

Some great alternatives to include Fox Sports 1, ESPN+,, Cric free, and others. We highly recommend ESPN+ because it is very affordable, and allows you to watch sports events in HD quality. The second best alternative is FS1, which is also quite affordable.

Is there an app to watch every sport?

Fubo TV and ESPN+ are two great services that will let you watch every sport stream online. ESPN+ is cheaper than Fubo TV, but it is also less versatile compared to Fubo TV. Sports fan can watch their favorite sports events on either of these applications or services.

How can you watch sports broadcasts for free?

You can watch sports broadcasts for free with HesGoal, Hurawatch, StreamEast, or any other free sports streaming website. Some of these platforms even allow you to create free accounts for more customized content. At the same time, we would recommend using a VPN when using any of these websites, because some of these could grab you unwanted attention from your ISP.

Best VIPRow Alternatives: Free Sports Streams Worldwide (2024)
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